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EP-T21 Bluetooth 5.0 IPX4 True Wireless Earbuds With Noise Cancellation Mic-Aukey

  1. Bluetooth 5 provides fast pairing and a stable connection.
  2. High-quality calls through MEMS microphone technology.
  3. Either earbud can be used individually.
  4. 25-hour playtime (with the charging case).

Bluetooth earphones

Bluetooth connectivity adds a lot of value to the portable version of speakers. This feature helps to connect other devices within no time and it helps to play amazing quality sounds, at any place with the help of Bluetooth. So even if you are sitting at a distance from your device and you do not have wires to connect, using Bluetooth can be of major advantage and ease at the same time. There is a wide range of Bluetooth devices in the market from where you can buy. Some of the very popular Bluetooth that you can consider to buy are Remax Bluetooth, sounds peats Bluetooth hand free, and solo wireless on-ear headphones. All these have different features and come at different prices. Buy Remax Bluetooth in Pakistan from They offer huge discounts on all its products and have the best quality in the electronic market. Remax Bluetooth brand is a nice device that is compatible with every device. Solo wireless on-ear headphone’s price is just Rs. 1690 and they look classier than other Bluetooth devices. Buy Bluetooth earphones of your choice and your budget but before you make a purchase make sure you research well about it. 

Here are a few key features of any Bluetooth earphones you buy:

Battery time 

The battery time of any gadget is more than just important. We all first look at the battery time of the product before we buy it. Remax Bluetooth brand has the best battery time which can work up to 5 hours for music and more than 5 hours is the talk time capacity every day. Whereas, sound peats Bluetooth hand-free works up to 8 hours per charge. Sounds peats Bluetooth hand-free price is Rs. 4500 which means there are a little expensive than a usual Bluetooth device. It has the best standby time which is 100 hours which no other brand has. 


All these Bluetooth devices are compatible with all smartphones and other electronic devices such as PC, Laptops, TV, androids as well as IOS and even your car radios. You can use Solo wireless on-ear headphones with your gaming console as well. 

The way technological advancements are taking place every day people prefer to buy the best quality products at a reasonable price. is the place for you.