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Redragon E200 THUNDER PRO Gaming & Music Earbuds, 7.1 Audio & Intelligent Extreme Bass works with Smartphone/ Nintendo Switch / PC/ Laptop/ / PSP/ Tablet/ iPad & Other 3.5 mm Jack Devices

  • 10 mm extra-large dynamic drivers
  • With an optimized inner acoustics chamber
  • Omnidirectional Microphone and Volume Controls
  • 3 Quick Action Control buttons to control the volume or answer a call
  • Forged to be have a highly durable aluminum chassis
  • Flat Style Cables


It would not be wrong to say that technology has revolutionized the current era in such a way that people are always looking to buy the best for themselves. So hands-free is one of the technologies everyone has. Hands-free is very important nowadays as people are usually multitasking. We see the drivers get distracted while they are driving due to their cell phones which can cause an accident to happen. It can be extremely dangerous to see away from the road for even 1 second. So, make sure you have a pair of hands-free to prevent yourself from any road accident or incident. 

There is a wide range of hands-free with different features and designs that can really make your life easy. For example, A4TECH HS-12 Ear Headphone is light weighted wireless hands-free. A4TECH HS-12 Ear Headphone price is just Rs. 499. It has a clear voice and clear mic for other people to hear. For sport purposes, you might need to buy the one which is specially made for sports use. The example you are going out for a run you would need something more fashionable and stylish. For sports, reasons buy Ronin R-990 Sports portable earphones. It has a built-in original PCB. For a less expensive product, you can buy space tunes TU-5000stereo hands-free in Pakistan from Space tunes TU-5000stereo hands-free price is Rs. 250 only. 

There are a few tips you should keep in mind before you buy a pair of hands-free:

Should be compatible with all devices 

It should work with all the devices you want to use it. Its compatibility should be the first thing you see before you make a purchase. 

Light in weight

It should be light in weight because you would not want to carry any extra weight after your smartphone device. Consider buying space tunes brand is light in weight. 

Less expensive 

Make sure you pay for the right type of hands-free meaning it should not be overpriced. It should have all the features you require. Consider buying Space tunes TU-5000stereo hands-free because they are less expensive. 

Clear mic & clean voice-hearing buds 

Its mic should be clean so that the other person can hear your voice and its earbuds should be clear so that you can hear the voice of the other people clearly and understand everything.