Buyer Protection & Privacy Policy

Buyers Protection

We believe in to make relation with your customer not the business only. We facilitate our customer at our best for what we can do for our customer. We assure our customers that we will always take care of the money you spent and will provide you the original product for what you paid and what is written/described the product at our site.

We are physically doing business in Lahore and Islamabad for last 15 years with another well- known name in the market of IT.

  1. MK Trading Corporation (Lahore, Islamabad)
  2. AL Harm Traders (Lahore)
  3. (Lahore, Islamabad)

With our presence in two big cities, you are not to worry about your buying. We know the requirement and reservations of customers well.

We assure you that you will be obliged at our all resources for what we meant for our customers.

We know, in this era of time it’s hard to believe on virtual buying of product but with us you are not to worry about anything for the protection of our buyers as we will oblige you at our best in the case our price of product and support you will be needed.


For more safety and security of our customers

We have some policies of doing business which are available on our website.

  1. Return Policy
  2. Refund Policy
  3. Warranty Policy


Privacy Policy

We assure our customers/visitors/subscribers that any information regarding contact details/ sale details/ payment details will not be provided/shared/sold to any person or any department at any cost.