Aukey brand 

Aukey brand products are smart, portable, and technologically advanced in today’s century. They have this very cool Aukey CB- H36 4-port USB 3.0 Hub which no other brand has. It is extremely fast with the speed of 5Gbps. It is made up of solid aluminum alloy. It is fast enough to transfer the HD movies in seconds. Aukey CB- H36 4-port USB 3.0 Hub price is Rs. 2100. Buy Aukey CB- H36 4-port USB 3.0 Hub in Pakistan from Aukey CB- H36 4-port USB 3.0 Hub is durable and one can use it for many years due to its excellent quality. If you are looking to buy earbuds for yourself to have a wireless experience, Aukey EP-T16S portable true wireless earbuds are made for you. You can buy Aukey EP-T16S portable true wireless earbuds at a discounted price of Rs. 5100. It has a touch-sensitive on its ear. 

It has the best audio voice with no cable restriction. That makes your life easy and hassle-free. Without a wire, you can carry it anywhere anytime in your pocket even. Another very cool Aukey brand product is Aukey SK-M31 wireless mini Bluetooth speaker with enhanced bass delivers 5W of full-range sound which can work up to 10 hours. Buy Aukey SK-M31 wireless mini Bluetooth speaker with enhanced bass in Pakistan for Rs. 3999. It can easily connect with your PC, MP3 Players and even non-Bluetooth devices. Aukey also has some very cool power bank. Aukey PB-XN5 5000mAh USB-C Power Bank (Grey) is highly portable and compatible with all smart devices. Aukey PB-XN5 5000mAh USB-C Power Bank price is Rs. 1850. Buy Aukey PB-XN5 5000mAh USB-C Power Bank and make your life fast and furious as it charges very fast and has an LED display which shows the remaining changing on it. 

Before you go to buy an Aukey brand product make sure you research well about all its products. Whether it is a power bank or wireless earbuds, or a USB hub they all come with warranty and discounted price if you buy it from We all know how important technological gadgets can be so make sure you choose the right type of product that value your money as well as you have a positive experience with it. Best for luck with your online shopping experience. 

Redragon brand

There were almost 1.82 billion video gamers across the world in 2014, this figure is going to rise to over 2.7 billion gamers by 2021. The gaming industry is on the rise to say the least. Several brands are in the market making gaming accessories. And Redragon is one of them. It is a company making affordable gaming hardware i.e. pc, mouse, keyboard, and headsets, etc. It is available in Pakistan and you can buy it easily on The website houses a large variety of Redragon products from a mouse pad to a comfortable chair and different varieties of gaming pc everything is only one click away.

The gaming pc is extremely affordable and a good value for money it ranges from anywhere between Rs. 9900 up to Rs.21000. If you are looking for a budget-friendly gaming pc buy Redrgon THUNDERCRACKER GC-605 GAMING CASE in Pakistan which retails for an affordable price of Rs. 9900 only. It has different specifications; ATX standard power supply at the bottom, ATX, Micro-ATX motherboard. Package includes 3*RGB Ring fans, 8+2 control box. And a beautiful tempered glass on the front and left side of the pc. At this affordable price, you will be getting your value for money and enjoy a good time playing your favorite games. 

Other gaming accessories like the mouse are also important to make sure the time you spend while playing games is a pleasant and gleeful experience, which will relax your mind instead of you worrying about the clutter of cords on your desk. Redragon M692 BLADE 9-Button Programmable RED LED Backlit Wireless Gaming Mouse can be yours at a whooping price of Rs. 2800 only. It is Highly Portable delivering clutter-free gaming without the cables and has latest Nano 500Hz USB receiver with integrated storage port in the mouse, a Lag-free ultra-fast 2.4GHz wireless technology and is supported on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, with a  Limited Mac support.

Keyboards also play a pivotal role in any gaming experience, to complete the experience you can buy Redragon K585 DITI One-Handed RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard from at a price of Rs. 4400 only. The specifications include OUTEMU Blue Switches, 5 RGB Backlit Modes, USB Pass-Through Port, 7 Programmable Macro Keys. And is designed with a detachable wrist-rest section keeping in mind the comfort of the user. 

For an affordable gaming experience check out the large variety of Redragon products which are beautiful and have the latest technology keeping in mind the comfort of the user, available on

A4tech brand

It might be difficult for you to trust any brands for electronic products. A4tech brand is highly recommended for products like headphones, webcam, wireless mouse, keyboard, ear headphones, mic, and hands-free. The A4tech brand has good quality products. Some are expensive and some are reasonable. It all depends on the features of the product. A4tech has good quality products which you can buy from Buy A4tech sports fit HD metallic earphones for a classy look and fancy sports fit. A4Tech Optical Mouse OP-760 – Black price is Rs. 580. It is a portable mouse with 1000 DPI. Moreover, is you are looking to buy a webcam then A4tech full HD webcam is the best option. A4tech full HD webcam price is Rs. 3400. Buy A4tech full HD webcam in Pakistan at a discounted price from The webcam has an image sensor of 1080 p and its total megapixel is 4608×3456. A4TECH KLS-5 Mini X-Slim Silver Natural A Keyboard, USB is slim and mini. Buy A4TECH KLS-5 Mini X-Slim Silver Natural A Keyboard in Pakistan. It takes less space and is reliable. 

Products of a4tech 

Wireless keyboard

The A4tech wireless keyboard has a radio transmitter. The radio receiver connects into a keyboard port or USB port. After plugging in the receiver and transmitter, the device recognizes the keyboard and mouse as if they were connected via a cord. There are 4 types of keyboards that A4tech has. Wired keyboards, wireless keyboard with mic, slim and traditional keyboard with wire. 


The A4tech webcams are of good quality. There are four types of webcams which A4tech has 5-megapixel webcam, 8 megapixel webcam, 16-megapixel webcam, and HD 1080p webcam. They all show a good quality picture when attached to PC. It takes either still images or motion video and can send the video to the Internet in real-time with the aid of software. The picture is from a C270 Logitech Webcam, an example of a webcam. 

You can buy the A4tech brand from at a discounted price and warranty. Warranty can help you trust the brand as they provide you options to get it changed it the product has any fault. Go through all the features and then make your choice according to your budget for a keyboard or a webcam or a mic.

Logitech Brand 

For many years people are buying products of some brands which never get old for them due to the excellent performance and the quality of the product. Logitech is an old company making computer devices and software for years. It is one of those companies which every generation will trust. If you are a gaming fan and you want to buy a gaming mouse then buy Logitech G502 hero high-performance gaming mouse. Logitech G502 hero high-performance gaming mouse price is Rs. 9400. Its resolution is 100-16000 dpi. Its maximum speed is 400 ips. 

One of the most popular mouse of the Logitech brand is wireless mouse M235. Its sensor resolution is 1000. Its battery life is 12-months. Its battery type id 1AA battery. It has a 2.4GHz wireless connectivity. The wireless mouse M235 price is Rs. 2300. You can buy wireless mouse M235 in Pakistan from 

Wireless mouse can be very easy to use as it has no wire that can create a disturbance. You might be surprised but Logitech has made keyboards exciting. Logitech wireless keyboard + touchpad K 400 is a unique kind of a keyboard with a touchpad which makes navigation very smooth and precise. The Logitech wireless keyboard does not require any kind of installation. Its battery life is 1 year. It is 3.5 inches large. 

Buy Logitech wireless keyboard + touchpad K 400 a much affordable price from Logitech wireless keyboard + touchpad K 400 price is Rs. 4450. Furthermore, Bluetooth devices are used more commonly today because they are easy to use and its functions are as simple as eating ice cream. You just must connect the device to your smartphone and you can use it the way you want. Logitech X50 Bluetooth speaker is a good choice if you are looking for a Bluetooth speaker. 

If you do not want to get into the hassle of connecting the wires and then playing the music of your choice then buy Logitech X50 Bluetooth speakers today. Logitech X50 Bluetooth speaker’s price is Rs. 3450. For webcam purchase, no company can be better than Logitech. Logitech webcam B525 has autofocus, with a resolution of 720p. You can use it with monitors, laptops, and LCD. Logitech webcam B525 price is Rs. 4900. Buy Logitech webcam B525 in Pakistan after good research.

BOYA brand 

BOYA is the manufactures of electro-acoustic products. They pay close attention to quality and R&D, and we have several advanced technologies, as well as several internationally accepted labs We have over 200 well-trained personnel, not less than 20 engineers. Their production is 500,000pcs per annum. They have specialized in microphones for the camera and audio recorders. They have been making high-quality products for years now. You can get BOYA brand products in Pakistan from For a low price BOYA microphone, the BY-M1 microphone is the best choice. It has a clip-on mic for smartphones and a DSLR camera. BY-M1 microphone includes a lapel clip foam windscreen. Its adapter is 1/4’’ adapter. Its high-quality condenser is best for video use. 

The BOYA BY-M1 microphone price is Rs. 1550. It comes in black color. You can buy BOYA BY-M1 microphone in Pakistan from an online store. BOYA products are not very common because they do not have many options to choose from but what they have is best. Another microphone that you can get is high quality 47’ BOYA BY- LM10 deluxe lavalier microphone is compatible with iPod, iPhone, iPad, and other android devices. If you are worried about its quality and price then visit They have the best quality products at affordable prices. 

47’ BOYA BY- LM10 deluxe lavalier microphone price is Rs. 1550. It also gives a 1-year warranty. It is small and has a clip that can easily attach to your shirt or tie. If you are planning to conduct an interview buy 47’ BOYA BY- LM10 deluxe lavalier microphone for the most reliable experience. It comes in a small pouch where you can keep it safe and carry the mic anywhere even in your pocket. Furthermore, if you are a vlogger on YouTube buy BOYA BY-MM1 microphone. It is compatible with android phones, Apple devices, DSLR cameras, and audio devices.

 It is made of durable aluminum with a battery-free design. BOYA BY-MM1 microphone price is Rs. 2950. You can buy BOYA BY-MM1 microphone in Pakistan from Go through BOYA brand’s microphones and read about its features and buy it according to your budget. Research well before you make a purchase to get the right kind of product for your business. Good luck with your shopping.

Lenovo Brand

We are all aware of how amazing Lenovo’s brand is for computers. It is one of the leading brands today. It is creating new technology and new models every year with high quality. Lenovo is China’s largest computer manufactures. It has created three series in the computer industry that is Idea pad, ThinkPad, and Value line series. They all come in different shapes and sizes. If you are planning to buy a Lenovo ThinkPad then consider Lenovo ThinkPad T580 has an inter-core processor i7 8th generation due to which it is very fast. It comes with 8GB RAM with Intel graphics. It has a 15.6 FDH display. Buy Lenovo ThinkPad T580 in Pakistan at a discounted price from Lenovo ThinkPad T580 price is Rs. 206,000. For serious businesses use, Lenovo ThinkPad is the right computer for you. It is specially designed with business tool technology which increases its mobility at an affordable price. The laptop is attractive enough for one to carry it anywhere. Its battery life is extra-long. 

For Lenovo Idea pad you can buy Lenovo Idea Pad 330. It has a core processor of i5 and 8th generation. This laptop is best to use at home. It has the latest technology and wireless connectivity. Lenovo made their special engineers design Lenovo Idea Pad due to which these laptops are stylish as well as with modern technological advancements. Lenovo Idea Pad 330’s price is Rs. 77,000. There is another Idea Pad model 330 with core processor i5 which is a little less expensive than the above mentioned. Lenovo Idea Pad model 330 price s Rs. 64000. It has 4GB RAM. 

The Lenovo brand is well-known for it is outclassed quality and look of the laptop. But if you are interested in buying an LED instead of a laptop than you can buy wide Lenovo LED 23’’ LI2342. It is a large screen with a resolution of 1920 X 1080. Wide Lenovo LED 23’’ LI2342 price is Rs. 15,500. You can buy Lenovo LED in Pakistan from They offer you a discounted price with the warranty. Lenovo laptops are the best value for money products. You will have the option to buy laptops in any budget when it comes to the Lenovo brand. They are designed smartly for home and office use. Get yours today and make your life technologically advanced.

Remax brand 

Remax brand comes with a great variety of products for the young generation which includes mobile phone accessories, data cable, power banks, Apple iPhone mobile covers, and a lot more. It is making quality products at an affordable price for years now. They believe is the latest fashion trends and stylish products. Let us look at some of its very cool products designed for generations to come. 

Remax wireless speaker

Remax Wireless Speaker RB-M12 is water Waterproof IPX-7 comes in two colors which are Black and red. Remax Wireless Speaker RB-M12 has Bluetooth connectivity which makes it easy to use and carry it anywhere anytime. Remax Wireless Speaker RB-M12 price is Rs. 4900. You can carry this Remax speaker to any party you are at. It even works underwater. It looks very stylish and fashionable to carry anywhere, always. You can buy Remax Wireless Speaker RB-M12 in Pakistan from at a discounted price as its original price is Rs. 6580 but offers a huge discount for its customers. Its net weight is 652g which makes it easy for you to move it from one room to another. 

Remax wireless charger RP-W3 

We all know how important can a charge be. You might be running out of battery and may have to be somewhere quick. Remax wireless charger RP-W3 can be the best product for you. It is wireless that means you can carry it anywhere you want. It can charge your phone very fast. It has 10mm charging efficiency. It is a small device that can be even carried in your pocket. Remax wireless charger RP-W3’s price is Rs. 900. Buy Remax wireless charger RP-W3 today ad make your life fully charged. 

Remax RT-E195 Dawn LED Eye-protection Lamp- white

Remax lamp comes with built-in battery. This is a very stylish piece of décor which also helps you to protect your eyes. It has a touch open button. Remax lamp is easy to adjust according to your requirements up or down. The best feature of the Remax lamp is that the power cuts down when it is fully charged so that means it does not take any extra charging. You can fold is in if you are not using it. Remax RT-E195 LED’s price is Rs. 1100. You can make very good use of it. Buy Remax RT-E195 LED right away

Xiaomi brand 

Xiaomi is one of the largest electronics providers in China. They are making smartphones, wireless charges, Amazfit Bip, power banks, smart band 3, smart band 4 and TV box. All its products have good quality and smart approach. Wireless car chargers are getting popular every day. They are not expensive and are easy to use. MI Qi-standard wireless Fast charger 10W’s price is Rs. 2600. This charger is shockproof and drop resistant. It is a portable device that is easy to carry anywhere. It is extremely light in weight and has a compact size. It does not only charge but it also protects your battery as it does not overcharge. 

Buy MI Qi-standard wireless Fast charger to get rid of bad charging experience with your old traditional chargers. Another amazing product of the Xiaomi brand is MI Home security camera 360. We all know how important is home security given the situation of our country it is very important to have security cameras installed in our homes. 

Buy MI Home security camera 360 in Pakistan for better protection at your home even when you are not home. Its picture resolution is 1080p. It supports android phones as well as IOS. You can keep an eye on your kids even when you are away working. MI Home security camera 360 price is Rs. 6300. If you are a smartwatch fan then buy MI Amazfit Bip because it is a new technological device with amazing features. It has a heartbeat sensor at the back of the watch that can always track your heartbeat. It is made up of plastic and glass which makes it light in weight. The app which you can connect with is Mi Fit. The MI Bip can even track your sleeping cycle along with track running, gym workouts, swimming, and pulse rate. 

MI Amazfit Bip price is Rs. 11,000. Buy MI Amazfit Bip in Pakistan from This watch is smart and intelligent in its functions that make your life fit and healthy. Before you make a purchase make sure you read about its specifications and reviews in the review section to be 100% sure of the product you are buying. None the less Xiaomi makes amazing quality products which no one can avoid to buy. 

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